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come on and slam

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It’s hard to be as terrible and disappointing a person as I am

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make me choose
anonymous asked: tyler posey or tyler toechlin

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deb morgan, topher brink, amy santiago, alex kerkovich, adelle dewitt, britta perry, shirley bennett, betty dimello, jesse pinkman, zoe washburne, scott mccall, rosa diaz, jane and brad williams, nicolas cage, french ppl, not paul ballard4sure

no hugs for you, showoff.

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Hmmm... I'm pretty sure that Debra Morgan makes the list of favorite characters. You have a fair amount of #Feelings for Skyler White but I'm not sure she's a favorite or just a complex character you enjoy analyzing.

Ahh, yes, Deb of course. A FAVORITE AMONG FAVORITES!!!!!

And I’m not too sure if Skyler would be in my top 10, but I do really enjoy her as a character and like her a lot. My top 10 is pretty hard to get into though so I don’t hold it against her.

I win.
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a hug for anyone who can guess one of my top 10 characters!

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better call saul looks great

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Brooklyn 99, Season Two: SUNDAY, SEPT. 28


It’s a day of good news for our little show! According to the official B99 twitter and this source, we finally have an official date for the premiere of season two: Sunday, September 28th! 

And a reminder you can also pre-order season one on DVD

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me farting for 30 minutes would be a better Emmy nomination choice over the Big Bang theory

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regarding drama.


Apparently there is a post and a blog that being sent anonymously to several people around the internet. this is a little disturbing, and when it first came out, honestly, I didn’t know what to do. The post implies that I am a rapist and raped my sister. the post doesn’t provide proof, but…